17 January 2017

Evolution and all that

As mad as it sounds, I've been blogging here since August 2007. Whenever I see 2007 written down I'm automatically like "aw 3 years ago" but nope, 2007 was a decade ago. I feel very old. I started this blog 10 years ago as a wee 9 year old, wanting a place to write random rubbish and get my 9 year old opinions out. It was called "What I've Done Today" - pretty straight-forward cos I was 9 - and was literally just an account of what I did each day. I essentially used my blog as a diary but like the little internet-savvy kid I was, a physical paper diary was too old-school so I did it online. After a few years of What I've Done Today, this wee place became Life Through A Cat's Eyes, then Through A Cat's Eyes...then somehow I got featured in issue 494 of Shout! magazine and I kinda realised my blog could become more than an online diary. 

Now, I'm 19 (again, old as hell) and I've just done a re-brand and re-launch. Like I said to my mum the other day, "I'm hefty into yellow at the moment" so I went all yellow with it. Also got a new name - catseyes - and bought myself an actual legit domain. Feeling very profesh. I've been struggling to come back to blogging for quite a while now but this revamp has made me feel quite motivated so I'm really hoping to get back into the swing of things. I miss this place and the amazing people I've met through blogging over the years, and at the end of the day, I'm a media student, so maybe blogging isn't an awful idea.

Thanks for not totally giving up on me ♥
Catriona  (@catriona_hannah) 


    The Wanderer Returns!!!!!!!!

  2. Welcome back Cat! 10 years is hella long time! I wonder what I'll be doing in ten years...
    Yellow is such a lovely colour. My favourite hat and scarf are both yellow ^_^

    I hope you're feeling better and not so tired all the time. Looking forward to more posts!

    1. Thank you Marian! Yellow's the best, it's so happy ♥ Take care lovely! xxx


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