1 July 2015

18 Before 18

I turn 18 in under 2 months and there's a fair few things I want to do before I'm officially an adult. Some of them are really little but frankly I find it weird that I've never drank a cappuccino so that made the list. Think of this as a bucket-list with a really short deadline...I guess.  Now that I'll be putting it in writing, it's official: I'm doing these 18 things before I turn 18. I have until the 8th of August.

1. Busk again
I haven't been busking since last year and that sucks. I really like busking so it's about time I did it again and I'm thinking I might be better than I was last year which is a bonus. Time to dust off the handful of default songs that act as a security blanket. 

2. Climb a tree
I was about to say that I haven't climbed a tree since I was a kid but that would be a complete lie because it would imply that I was once the outdoorsy type and we all know that ain't true. The other day, I climbed a few feet up a tree but I'm aiming higher, I want to climb higher than the height of an average 18 year-old.

3. Buy a record player
We've played vinyl in the house since I was tiny but I would absolutely love to be able to play records in my bedroom. I love the way vinyl sounds. (Done!)

4. Hike
The last time I hiked, I was about 10 and I tried to run down the hilly-mountain thing once we reached the top and fell a fair distance so I feel like I should give it another go. Like I said, I'm not the outdoorsy type but I think even I could climb a big hill.

5. Drink a cappuccino
Pretty self-explanatory. I only started drinking coffee earlier this year but I'm yet to have a cappuccino, I usually go for lattes or just like...normal coffee (so technical). I wanna try a cappuccino.

6. Get my eyebrows done
I'm super reluctant to let anyone go near my eyebrows because I've always done them myself and it's a genuine fear of mine that I'll over-pluck them and have really sparse brows. I over-plucked between the ages of 13 and 16 and I'll never live it down - my eyebrows were quite thick but started incredibly far apart. It was tragic. I really like my eyebrows now but I feel like they would benefit from a professional shaping them properly. 

7. Take photos in a nice city
Since getting my DSLR, I've really been getting into photography. I want to spend the day in a beautiful city taking photos. 

8. Watch the sunrise
I've never done this. How sad. 

9. Go to the cinema alone
I can't decide if this would be sad and lonely or really nice and peaceful. My own company's pretty great so I think it would be nice. Besides, I usually struggle to find someone who will sit through weird films with me *cough* the backstreet boys movie *cough*

10. Start learning a new instrument
I've been in piano lessons since I was 6, took tuned percussion and drum lessons for a few years a while back, and I've been playing ukulele since 2012 but I feel like it's about time I tried something new. I bought a guitar a few years ago and am yet to properly try to play it so that's definitely an option, but I'm thinking I might give my sister's old violin a shot. 

11. Scrapbook
This is a work in progress. I'm tempted to tick this one off already but I don't think I've scrapbooked quite enough to justify it. I love keeping a record of good memories and I'm quite creative so scrapbooking seems perfect for me.

12. Swim in the ocean
I can't swim and I'm scared of deep water so this is gonna be interesting. I just like beaches and feel like me trying to swim in the sea would be hilarious for everyone watching so why the heck not?

13. Have bubble tea again
I haven't had bubble tea since last September. I need bubble tea.

14. Go for a really long walk
Contrary to popular belief, I really like walking. I want to just start walking and not have a set destination in mind and just kinda walk...for a long time. Not like days but a good few hours. This is probably one of those things that sounds really nice but turns out to be cold and painful and boring. Think I'll give it a go anyway.

15. Watch Dexter*
I've never watched Dexter but a lot of people have told me to watch Dexter and I want to watch Dexter.
*Dexter can be replaced by any of the following: Prison Break, Game Of Thrones, Buffy, Breaking Bad, Misfits, 30 Rock or American Horror Story. I get a lot of TV reccommendations.

16. Write a short screenplay
*In progress*

17. Get myself a uni-appropriate wardrobe
It's been quite a while since I bought new clothes and I feel like a lot of what I own doesn't really suit me and isn't who I am anymore. I really want some new clothes for when I start uni in September. I also kinda feel like where I live doesn't let me dress the way I want to dress but I'll be spending a lot of time in Glasgow when I start uni and people are so much more expressive and free with how they dress there so I can finally wear exactly what I want to and play with my identity a bit more. I can't wait.

18. Get a job
I'm trying so hard but no one wants to employ me. I don't get it: I'm cute and can knit fairly well so everyone should be fighting to employ me. Ah well...I'll keep trying.

What's on your bucket list?


  1. Are you going to Glasgow Uni? I know lots of people who go there and it sounds amAZing! Xx

    1. Nah, I'm going to GCU! I went to the Glasgow uni open day and it's absolutely gorgeous but they didn't have a course that suited me xx

  2. Few things:
    1) I think going to the cinema is a good idea. Really wanting to do that this summer, but my mum doesn't like the idea of it. If I don't go alone, then I won't see Paper Towns or Robin Williams' last film because nobody wants to go with me :(
    2) I'd really recommend the Violin - I played that for five years and it's quite easy to learn once you get the hang of it.
    3) You've reminded me of how I'm trying to get college-appropriate clothes. I wear the same things over and over, and quite frankly, I don't think it's a good idea to wear Harry Potter t-shirts everyday. So I'm having to do that at the moment, an my God, it's stressful.
    Have fun completing the bucket list!

    1. You should just go yourself, I think it'll be fun!
      I'm definitely considering learning it. I'll have to teach myself though because I haven't got the money for lessons so we'll see how that goes :'D
      Thank you! xx

  3. I got my record player about 6 months ago & I love it! You won't regret buying one. :) Before I bought it, I always thought there was something missing from my bedroom & now I realise that my bedroom was missing the cosy atmosphere I wanted. Now, there's absolutely nothing like putting on an album and just drawing to my heart's content as it's playing. :)

    I've been meaning to watch Dexter for ages! Though I can't help but recommend Buffy (I'm a tad obsessed). Seriously, if you want ridiculously 90s outfits, loveable characters and just generally incredible story lines: watch it.

    I hope you accomplish many (if not all) of these before you turn 18! Also, I'd love to hear more about that short screenplay. ;)

    1. I actually got a record player the day this post went up! I love it. I've been listening to The White Album non-stop - it really does make my room cosy. <3
      When you describe it like that, Buffy sounds like my dream show...I need to watch it. :'D
      Thank you! Possibily :P xx

  4. ahh I love these photos! I've never watched the sunrise either which makes me a bit sad.. I don't really know why not because I've had the chance everyday aha! Maybe I'll try tomorrow.. xo


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