4 October 2014

Review: Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins

Hopeless romantic Isla has had a crush on introspective cartoonist Josh since their first year at the School of America in Paris. And after a chance encounter in Manhattan over the summer, romance might be closer than Isla imagined. But as they begin their senior year back in France, Isla and Josh are forced to confront the challenges every young couple must face, including family drama, uncertainty about their college futures, and the very real possibility of being apart. Featuring cameos from fan-favorites Anna, √Čtienne, Lola, and Cricket, this sweet and sexy story of true love—set against the stunning backdrops of New York City, Paris, and Barcelona—is a swoonworthy conclusion to Stephanie Perkins’s beloved series.

It's no secret that I am a massive fan of Stephanie Perkins. I've raved about Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door a ridiculous number of times and since reading Isla, I've mentioned it on all the social medias... To me, Stephanie Perkins is the Queen of YA.  In Anna, my favourite character is Josh (a bit of a weird choice, I think) so when I heard that he was going to be the main guy in Isla, I was incredibly happy. He doesn't get anywhere near enough attention in Anna and the French Kiss but we finally get to know him in Isla and the Happily Ever After. Talking of characters, Isla is one of my favourite female protagonists; she is absolutely hilarious, she's strong and independent, and she is so real, unlike a lot of female protagonists in contemporary YA. Stephanie Perkins is amazing at building up her characters and Josh and Isla are no exception. 

Needless to say, Isla and the Happily Ever After is beautifully written. I seriously adore the way Stephanie Perkins writes; she sets the scene perfectly, develops every character seamlessly and creates simple yet beautiful plots that pull you in from the first page. I love Anna, Lola and Isla equally, all for different reasons and I know that I'll be re-reading these books for years to come. A very easy 5 stars.

Lots of love, Cat


  1. Really enjoyed reading this review - as there's so many points I agree with you on.
    Josh isn't anywhere near prominent enough in Anna and so it was great to see him more and actually get to know him better in Isla and the Happily Ever After. Out of the three protagonists, I feel that Isla is by far the easiest to relate to - she felt so real and had flaws like actual people do and I like how Stephanie Perkins reflected that.
    She's absolutely Queen of YA xx

    1. I completely agree with your points about Isla; she is so relatable and realistic. xx


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