15 October 2014

On Abusers Returning To YouTube

The fourth post in a series about YouTube culture.
The 1st: Losing An Idol

Imagine that you're a shop-keeper in a quiet little corner shop, in a tight-knit community. Everything's going on as normal until, one night, someone comes in and robs the till, threatening you with a gun. You're left feeling terrified and unsafe, and continue feeling this way for months (if not years). Then one day, 6 months later, that same person starts to come back to the shop as a customer, like nothing ever happened and no one tries to stop it from happening. How would you feel? You'd feel unsafe and threatened, wouldn't you? Now apply this to YouTube. YouTubers like Alex Day, Ed Blann and Jason (VeeOneEye) were all outed for being sex offenders and are now coming back to YouTube like nothing ever happened. The people they hurt are seeing the person who abused them making videos again, manipulating thousands of people. It doesn't take a genius to work out that sex offenders shouldn't be allowed to return to a position of power but, unfortunately, there's nothing to stop them.

Recently, Alex Day posted a half hour-long video called 'The Past', where he danced around the subject of the abuse allegations and talked about how he's a better person now. He kept saying how he's in a good place now and is 'content' and, in all honesty, some of what he said made me forgive him, until I realised who I was watching and what I was buying into. Since making that video, Alex has continued to post videos every few days and it's becoming incredibly obvious that he just wants people to talk about him. He doesn't care how negative the opinions are, he just wants people to talk (funnily enough, he's actually screening negative comments). You can watch the videos if you want but he's monetizing them so it may be best to read a transcript or watch response videos. A lot of people are saying that they're just happy to have him back and I can partially relate but if I can move on from Alex Day, anyone can. 

It's not just Alex Day, though: Jason (VeeOneEye) recently posted a video about his new tattoo, essentially turning the whole situation into a sob-story and saying that YouTube is all he has. It's almost impossible to feel no sympathy whatsoever for Jason after seeing that video but just remember that that's his intention. Ed Blann has also made a return to YouTube and is making videos like the past year never even happened. Unfortunately, I'm also pretty certain that Sam Pepper will return in no time at all. I can understand why you'd be happy to have your favourite YouTuber back but please just stay level-headed and really think about what's happened before you jump to forgive them. 

As always, I'm going to direct you all to some brilliant videos about this issue because I'm really not in the position to go into any real depth about it. Neafcy made a great video about why he doesn't believe Alex Day, where he analyses what Alex says in his video - here.  ThisIsNotHolly made a video back in June, specifically about Ed Blann returning but it now fits the general situation of abusers returning to YouTube - here. The Third Pew made a video addressing the YouTube abuse situation as a whole - here - and Gary C made one which is more aimed at the victims of sexual abuse - here. BriBry made a video about Jason, who he shared mutual friends with - here. And finally, TheGeekyBlonde made an amazing video about the YouTube abuse situation back in March which is honestly one of the best videos addressing it - here. If you're not up to date with the whole issue, you can have a look at the master-post.

Like I said, I'm not really in the position to talk about this in any real depth but it's so important that people keep talking about this. It can't just be swept under the rug and ignored because it's a real-life issue which is hurting people. Just keep talking about it, keep yourself up-to-date and educated, and stay safe on the internet. 

Lots of love, Cat


  1. I watched Alex's 30 minute video, and by the time I'd finished it I'd actually forgiven him, something which I'd told myself wouldn't happen. You don't even realise he's manipulating you until it's done. Luckily, I came to my senses, but it was really weird. Then I watched some of it again and realised how self-centered the video was. 'I'm content' and 'I want our community to be better' Great, you're content, but how about the people you abused? And I don't even think he has the right to call it 'our' community anymore, and it makes me sick to see all the support he's getting, like 'don't worry, we still love you!' Really? Wow.

    Sorry this is turning into a really long comment but it's a subject I feel strongly about :P

    Something else which annoyed me was Jason making that video where he admitted to rape unlisted so there are still loads of his subscribers completely in the dark who still love him like they always have. And then he deleted the link to the video and carried on like nothing's happened. The thing is, if these people were in normal jobs, they'd be fired straight away (hopefully.) But because it's YouTube, they're allowed to keep making money. It's just so wrong on so many different levels.

    I'm glad all this has caused people to talk more and educate themselves about abuse, but I really hope these people just disappear.

    Great post xx

    1. I was exactly the same when I watched his video and I was so frustrated with myself for feeling that way. :/ I couldn't agree more with your comment. xx

  2. Ha, I knew exactly who you were going to talk about when I saw the title.

    You may delete this comment if you feel like it's necessary, because what I'm about to say is one of those "unpopular opinions". I don't mean any disrespect towards anyone, but if you think I'll offend anyone, delete it.

    I'm over the Alex hate, to be honest. Just like you, he was one of my favourite YouTubers, and I was super shocked when I found out what he was accused of. I read up on all the posts I could find. Nevertheless, I was never really angry with him. I think he's been a massive dick to women, but I do not see him as a "sexual predator", and he's never done anything to me personally. As for being a dick, well, he's always been a dick, hasn't he? He was always blatantly honest in his videos, and that's actually what I liked about him. I will not deny anything he's being accused of, but I am very glad that he's back, because I've missed him.

    1. I'm not going to delete your comment; everyone's entitled to an opinion and I'm just happy that you're sharing yours.
      I can understand where you're coming from completely and I'm not trying to turn anyone on Alex or anything, I was just hoping that people would read this post and think before forgiving. I can see that you've read up on it and have thought about it, so I respect your decision completely. Thanks for commenting with your side of it :) xx

  3. I think it's dreadful that these youtubers believe that they can just return to youtube, create a sob story and act like nothing has happened - it's awful. The fact that Alex Day goes and says that he is a changed person or whatever he said is ridiculous. Yes he may be different but the reality is that he still did those things and that can't be erased just like that.
    Going to look at all the posts you mentioned because I feel so angry about this matter right now xx

    1. I completely agree. Everyone deserves to be happy and to make themselves a better person, but YouTube is not the place to do that if you've hurt people in the community. xx

  4. Yeah, I noticed Alex Day was posting again and I was like... EHM, WUT?! I'm usually an empathetic person but I was feeling funny even opening up one of his recent videos. It just doesn't seem right that he was youtubing again. :/

    Great post!


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