13 September 2014

My YouTube Experience

The third post in a series about YouTube culture.
The 1st: Losing An Idol
I like YouTube. 

Since I was 11 - in 2009 - I've been watching YouTube videos pretty much daily, subscribing to channels and being a 'fan'. I started off with Bubzbeauty; watching her make-up tutorials even though I was yet to start wearing make-up. It's ridiculously vivid in my mind; I remember talking on webcam to my friend, Blair, on MSN and him asking me what I was watching on YouTube. I said Bubzbeauty and then made him watch make-up tutorials... I still love Bubbi to this day.

After that, I experienced what I expect a lot of people experience (probably like, the full population); I went through a hardcore Ryan Higa phase. It was a slight obsession; I watched his videos for like, 6 hours every day, re-watching videos and watching his channel pretty much exclusively for a few weeks. It was a weird time in my YouTube life. :'D I stopped watching Ryan Higa after a couple of months and haven't watched any of his videos for about 5 years. Then came the Charlie McDonnell discovery... 

Charlieissocoollike is kind of a household name now; he's the original 'British vlogger' and started the trend of cute English boys with flicky fringes making videos from their bedrooms (a trend I have no issue with, whatsoever...love a good fringe). Again, I remember this way too well. I found one of his videos one night through the YouTube homepage and then proceeded to watch all of his videos in one go. I couldn't stand up after it...my legs had seized up. Like with Bubbi, I still watch Charlie's videos now, just not quite as obsessively. :'D

A week or so after finding Charlie, I stumbled across Mr Alex Day. I watched his videos religiously for a good few years, bought all of his music and merch and even travelled for hours to meet him very briefly when he released Lady Godiva. He complimented my jeans and was absolutely lovely to me, then I fell asleep in the car on the way home, leaving Beka alone with my parents for a few hours as I slept... Now, it's all changed and I've lost all respect for Alex Day. I did a full post about the situation which you can see here so I'm not really going to talk about it now. Shortly after discovering Alex, I found Liam Dryden, Tom Milsom and KickThePJ.

Like with Alex Day, Tom Milsom used to be a huge inspiration to me but he also lost my respect earlier this year (also spoke about here). I found Tom through Alex and instantly fell in love with his crazy individuality and amazing musical talent. I watched his videos and listened to his music for years and only stopped a few months ago. On a more positive note, Liam Dryden was my next YouTube love and I still freaking love him now, a good 4 or so years later. He's so inspirational and I really feel like he's a great role model for young adults and teenagers. He's absolutely wonderful. Similarly, KickThePJ is one of my very favourite YouTubers and is, in my opinion, one of the most innovative and creative people online. I found him pretty randomly around the same time as Liam Dryden and have loved his content ever since. Next up, (don't fangirl too hard) were Dan and Phil...

I'll be surprised if you haven't heard of Dan and Phil before because they are now incredibly well-known. I found Phil first, via the YouTube homepage and watched his videos for a few weeks before being introduced to Dan. This was 4 years ago so yes, I've watched Dan from the very beginning. :'D I'll admit, I don't watch their videos quite as much now but I have a lot of respect for these guys because they don't take YouTube too seriously and have done so freaking well from it. I mean, come on; they're now Radio 1 DJs.

In the year or two after that, I subscribed to BriBry, Emma Blackery, Carrie Hope Fletcher, MusicalBethan, Doddleoddle, Jack Howard, Dean Dobbs, OMFGItsJackAndDean, Evan Edinger, Patty WaltersEssiebutton, ChewingSand, FashionRocksMySocks, MissGlamorazzi, Tom Law, WOTO, Ben Cook, Daniel Dobbs, Ophelia Dagger, Emma Pickles, SprinkleOfGlitter, Zoella, Vlogbrothers, ViviannaDoesMakeup and a load of other amazing YouTubers. I fell in and out of love with various people, went through countless phases and have eventually fine-tuned my taste in YouTube. A lot of the bigger, more well-known YouTubers I once loved have now moved aside for smaller YouTubers and I'm really pleased with the content I now watch.

More recently, I subscribed to the likes of JonBeHere, MeowItsLucy, Tom Rosenthal, Rusty Clanton, Tessa Violet, ThisBeDottie, ThisIsNotHolly, Alex Bertie, Jake Edwards, RadHaggis, Savannah Brown, TheThirdPew, Olly Newport, Mike Falzone, Mark Ludford, Mark Robb (he's a wonderful human but has taken a break from YouTube), Jackson Perkins, Harry Hitchens and Veguntold. There are so many amazing content creators out there and I really feel like the lesser-known people like these should be getting so much more credit for what they do. ♥

I don't doubt for a second that YouTube will be in my life for the foreseeable future. I love how it supports new creators and lets anyone be creative and share their work. It's a new kind of media and I personally think it's fabulous.

Lots of love, Cat


  1. Ahhhh, this post = LOVE.

    Seriously, so many of my favourite YouTubers are listed here! Charlie was the first YouTuber I started watching and I still love all his videos. Plus, I discovered Emily Diana Ruth through him & she's one of my favourite YouTubers now – her videos are gorgeous!

    KickthePJ and Liam Dydren are also two of my favourites (both for the same reasons you listed). I actually met Liam Dryden last year and he was such a genuine person. Random fact, but when we met him my friend was holding 6 or 7 boxes of Pocky & told him we were going into hibernation (to which he looked very confused, but laughed all the same).

    Again, like you, Dan and Phil are YouTubers I started watching early on too – and I still watch the large majority of their videos today. :'D Around the time I started watching them, I discovered Jack and Dean. I also discovered Lex who's basically my all-time favourite YouTuber. Other YouTubers I discovered early on are: ohitsjustkim, SprinkleofGlitter, Crabstickz and Carrie. I still watch them all now as well. ^.^

    You've listed so many of my other favourites too (Ophelia Dagger, Savannah Brown, Chewing Sand… etc) but it would take too long to list all of them. ;D

    Ahh I just have too much love for this post ehehe. :)

    1. Oh I've watched quite a few of Emily Diana Ruth's videos before - they really are gorgeous!
      That's awesome that you got to meet Liam! I saw him in passing at TFIOS Live last year but I never got to speak to him. :3
      I left out quite a few YouTubers in the post and Lex is one of them. I've watched her videos for years! :D xx

  2. Really interesting post.

    I think I've said it before but I really struggle with YouTubers - particularly vloggers. And I know this is just one opinion in an ocean of billions, but I find their content very samey. There'll be constant tags and collaborations about similar things to another YouTuber and I just can't watch it. I have my YouTube subscriptions open in another window as I write this, and looking through I'm only actually subscribed to 1 mainstream YouTuber - Carrie Hope Fletcher. Other than that it's music, BookTube, and Document Your Life videos + 1 beauty channel.

    I tried Dan and Phil about a year ago but they weren't for me. I've said all this however - I did discover ThisIsNotHolly and ThisBeDottie via your Currently I'm... posts and LOVE them both. xx

    1. I know what you mean; I get so sick of challenges, Q&As and tag videos. I said this in my last YouTube post but that's exactly why I unsubscribed from 300 channels. There's a certain group of YouTubers that I don't watch for that reason. xx


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