30 August 2014

The Creatures In My Head

I like to end my day by listening to Bombay Bicycle Club, drinking green tea and doing yoga. Then, it all goes down-hill and I fall into a bottomless pit until 2am. In this pit, there are a few different creatures. Let me introduce you...

The Social Butterfly 
This guy is a slightly deformed butterfly who, at first glance, looks intriguing and harmless. You wander over to him to say hi and spend a wee while just floating around with him but after a while, you realise that he's changed beyond recognition. The Social Butterfly leads you into the deepest and darkest depths of Twitter, Instagram, Vine and YouTube. He tells you 'just one more video' each time you go to leave. He reminds you that Vines are only 6 seconds long, so what's the harm? The Social Butterfly is deceptive...and it's only at night that he shows just how manipulative he can be.

The Maestro
This guy is an odd amalgamation of music notes, instrument parts and bright, creative colours. He constantly hums...just a faint, slightly irritating buzz. This is the guy that makes you want to listen to Careless Whisper at 1am and reminds me that you have ukuleles, a guitar and a piano sitting in the same room as you. The Maestro is flamboyant and creative. He's the guy you want to be friends with at school. He pulls you in and makes you want to be up, making music, no matter what the time is. He's the guy who puts the earphones in your ears and starts making playlists. The Maestro is amazing and motivational but can be a pain in the ass when you should be sleeping.

The Fridge
The fridge is a fridge. The fridge is full of food. The fridge makes you think that you're hungry just as you're about to fall asleep. The fridge is both your friend and your enemy. It's your frenemy...

The Midnight Librarian
She's cute and friendly, loves reading and can talk to anyone about books, making them want to read too. You walk into her library and are instantly enchanted by the amazing spines and pages. It smells wonderful in there...all book-y. The Midnight Librarian never sleeps or, at least, you never see her sleep. She's always there, ready to hand you a new book. When midnight rolls around, she's the one who whispers 'just one more chapter' in your ear. She's the one who makes you think that reading is more important than being awake for school the next day. The Midnight Librarian is a real enabler...but you love her.

Jeremy is the worry-creature. He's an anxious wee thing and is constantly worrying about anything and everything. Jeremy's the guy who taps your shoulder and asks for advice at 2am. He trembles, cries and over-thinks the tiniest things. You start talking to Jeremy, trying to settle his nerves and make him feel a little better but 10 minutes later, he's got you thinking about your own issues. He mentions school and you suddenly remember that you have a presentation the next day. He talks about money and you start wondering if you can afford to see your friends at the weekend. He starts panicking about the future and you follow. Before long, you and Jeremy are worrying together and thinking of the worse-case scenario for absolutely everything. I think everyone has a Jeremy.

 When you fall into a sleepless pit, what creatures are waiting for you? Do you have a Midnight Librarian, Fridge or Jeremy? 
Lots of love, Cat


  1. I ADORE this post! Would you mind if I possibly stole the idea and did something slightly different with it please?
    I always have a Jeremy in my head, I think sometimes I can be people's real life Jeremy.
    Also, I definitely have a Midnight Librarian. The maestro often pops into my head, but usually I try to ignore him. xx

    1. Of course! So happy you liked it ^_^ xx


    The Midnight Librarian has me an iron grip, I'm afraid, I can never say no to her! The List-Maker also clips around in my head, going over completely things with an efficiency that disguises the fact that they are *completely pointless*. No, List-Maker, I will *not* mentally go over every outfit I have worn out for the past two months, or what I've eaten since Thursday, or the homework due in next week, because there is NO POINT. "Oh, but you must!" she says. And I do ... D=

    Then there is the Novelist. The Novelist mutters darkly from her corner as she clutches pad and biro, but unfortunately any *good* suggestions she makes are drowned out by her over-energetic sisters, The Worrier and The Recapper. The Worrier hops around saying "BUT WHAT IF EVERYTHING YOU WRITE IS SECRETLY PLAGIARISED FROM HARRY POTTER??" whilst the Recapper skips about singing "let's go over everything you've *already* written and the backstory you've *already* come up with!" even though this is actually NOT PRODUCTIVE.

    PS if you log into Pinterest you may notice that I am basically repinning *everything* you've pinned lately. Do not be alarmed. Take it as flattery! :')

    1. Oh my gosh, The List Maker never leaves me alone. :'D
      Your Pinterest stalking is definitely a compliment ♥ xx

  3. This post is so perfect. I definitely agree that we all have a Jeremy in our heads. And a Midnight Librarian too. :)

    For me, I also have two other nameless little creatures in my head. One that's basically an idea machine; I get so many ideas at night (a ridiculous amount) and I have a constant need to scribble down all these ideas into a notebook. It's that little guy who constantly keeps me awake, churning out ideas. So yeah, he's to blame for that. And then there's another little creature who makes me think non-stop about tv shows I'm obsessing over (so, most the time BtVS). And she keeps reminding me of random clips and my OTPs… you get the idea aha. :)

    I seriously LOVED this post!

    1. Thank you!! ♥
      They sound like pretty helpful creatures :3 xx

  4. Cat, I absolutely LOVE this post! It's brilliant! Honestly, it's now one of my favourites!

    Just like you and Holly, I definitely have a Jeremy, who reminds me of EVERYTHING I want to forget at stupid hours. I cope with him, though, by writing all my worries - or things to remember/do the next day - down, and then leaving that piece of paper where I can clearly see it in the morning. It works really well!

    Once again, fab post!

    -Sophie :)

  5. I definetly have a fridge and Midnight Librarian. My parents have a rule about no screens in the bedroom which helps the nights I don't break that rule. Since school started though I've managed to get to bed a little earlier (unless you count last name staying up till 1 AM doing a project that apperently we had all summer to do that I didn't know about).

    Amelia @ YA Bookologists

    1. Awh I wish I was screen-less at night...:'D xx

  6. This is brilliant! I literally get all of these! Night is always the best time to wifi in my house because no one is on it. That doesn't help with the social butterfly! I think everyone has a Jeremy too! I always end up worrying in bed at night because there's nothing to distract me. xx

    1. Wifi is usually pretty great for me at night too and I agree, it really doesn't help! :'D xx


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