5 July 2014

Monthly Round-Up - June 2014

June went way too quickly but overall, it was a pretty great month. I read a few books (which were all brilliant), spent some time with my friends, went to prom, finally saw The Fault In Our Stars and published quite a few posts, some of which were pretty big and personal. I thought I would compile all 10 posts from June, so you can catch up easily (if you want to...). I hope June treated you well and that July is even better. ^_^

Did you have a favourite post from the month?
Lots of love, Cat


  1. hi, i absolutely love your blog!!


  2. My favourite by far was your prom post. :)
    I love the shoes!

    1. Aw thank you! I love the shoes too, haha :'D xx

  3. I think with your blog, and please don't take this as an exaggeration, that I love ALL the posts published here. That does sound over the top but it honestly isn't. Your blog is the first blog I ever read and there's something about your writing style that really appeals to me. As a book blogger I feel a little biased when I say that this month I think my favourite posts of yours have been any that feature books.
    But also I loved the post about YouTube because I feel it opened my eyes to some YouTubers that I'm glad I've not subscribed to.
    Holly xx

    1. Thank you so much, Holly! I enjoy writing the book posts and I know quite a few people are like you and prefer the book ones so I might start doing more. ^_^ xx


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