14 May 2014

Hello Instagram #5

I made amazing art instead of studying for modern studies. This masterpiece is called 'All Aboard The Banter Bus'. Genius, right? // McBusted at the Hydro on April 18th! It was incredible // Reading Slaughterhouse 5 with Millie on a beautiful Sunday afternoon // Fall Out Boy on the B stage at the Hydro at the end of March. That gig was seriously a dream come true (post here).

I was reunited with my favourite Beanie Baby from when I was little. Her name's Sequoia and she was a present from my dad when he was at summer school when I was 6. I love her a lot :3 // Casually trying on some hats in T.K Maxx with my friends // Another photo from Fall Out Boy - that one was during Joe's guitar solo (so good!) // Beka managed to fit in one of the kids' rides outside Tesco and I needed a photo to mark the occasion. :'D

My maths teacher left his version of words of wisdom on my homework - "I'm going to batter you". Sorry, sir! // New Politics in March (post here) - they're amazing! // Millie came to keep me company when I was studying // Another photo from Fall Out Boy. The staging was beautiful and I love the lights in that photo. ^_^

A throwback to when I got my first CD. It was Busted and I still love them to this day ^_^ // A selfie before school one day. I rarely take selfies but the light was nice and my hair was behaving // Yet another photo from Fall Out Boy...again, the staging and lights were gorgeous and it was just an amazing night in every way possible // Another photo from McBusted in April - I think this one was during Crashed the Wedding. :D 

The past couple of months have been awesome! I hope March and April treated you well and that May is just as wonderful. ♥
Lots of love, Cat


  1. Your maths teacher sounds so much better than mine! I love the beanie babies too! I've got a collection of them which I can't remember accumulating, but all I know is that I love them to pieces.
    Great post :) xx

    1. I love my maths teacher to pieces; he's incredible. Unfortunately, I'm never going to have him as a teacher again now that I'm off on study leave for my exams. When I go back, it'll all be new teachers and new subjects and because I'm not re-sitting maths next year (unless I fail (which is very likely)), he'll never be my teacher again. I'm actually really upset about it. :(
      Beanie Babies were a slight obsession for me...I had about 40! Now, I only have about 10 or 15 but I still love them all. ^_^
      Thanks, Holly! ♥


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