24 May 2014

Currently I'm... #3

I swear, my cat could be a model...

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. This is the third time I've read this in the past 5 months... I guess I must really like it. :'D Anna and the French Kiss is one of my all-time favourite books and is probably by joint favourite YA contemporary romance novel, tied with Lola and the Boy Next Door, also by Stephanie Perkins. I can't express my love for these books. ♥

Not much, to be honest. I've been watching the newest series of America's Next Top Model with my mum (we've be slightly obsessed for years now), Gogglebox every Friday and Modern Family every Sunday but that's about it. As for YouTube, I've just been watching all of my usual stuff but my recent favourites have probably been KickThePJ and Helen Melonlady. Nothing new.

Listening To:
Podcasts! I've still been listening to music just as much as always but I've started to listen to a few podcasts every single day. It's hard to pick a favourite but, at the moment, it's gotta be Full Frontal (don't listen to Full Frontal unless you're at least 16). Full Frontal is Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat from All Time Low's podcast and it is absolutely freaking hilarious. I just love podcasts. :'D

Nothing unusual but I feel like I've been drinking more green tea and lemon than I normally do. 

The Higher administration and biology courses. My life is so exciting right now!

Kayla Hadlington's amazing blog. Her blog is seriously so beautiful and I've been obsessed with reading it lately. Her style is just perfect! I could read her blog for hours on end, just getting inspiration for outfits and building up a massive wishlist.

Spending time at home, making little adjustments to my room. I'm on study leave at the moment so most of my time has been spent studying but, in my spare time, I've been changing my room up and making some new feature walls. ^_^

Lots of love, Cat


  1. Anna and the French Kiss is amazing :) I bought Lola and the Boy Next Door this morning so I hope it's just as good.
    This is going to sound really stupid but what is Administration? We don't have that in England, or we do but it might be under a different name - just curious...
    Great post xx

    1. In my opinion, Lola & the Boy Next Door is just as good as Anna & the French Kiss, if not a little bit better. I hope you like it! ^_^
      Administration is really hard to explain...basically, we deal with computer stuff like spreadsheets, databases and letters etc (data management stuff) and theory things like health and safety legislation and the role of an admin assistant. I can never explain it but hopefully you get the idea. :P xx

    2. I've started reading Lola and the Boy Next Door today and your right... it's so good!
      After reading what you've said, I understand what your talking about, but now I've realised that we don't have Administration at all in England, not even under a different name.
      It sounds helpful but not particularly enjoyable. :D xx

    3. Admin is probably my strongest subject; I've won the subject award for admin 3 years in a row now and I usually get good marks in class (we'll see how my exam results turn out, though) but you're right, it's not all that enjoyable. Saying that, I genuinely think that admin is almost as useful and necessary as maths and english. Although it's not much fun, I think admin is amazing to have on your CV and can really help with a lot of careers. :) xx

    4. I sort of wish that we had it here, because it would actually be really helpful. We don't cover things like that at all, but I think we need to more often. xx

  2. Awww your cat could *totally* be a model! ;)

    KickThePJ is my all-time favourite YouTuber and I swear I've spent days at a time watching his videos back to back… :') I love him soooo much. :) Although Tyrannosauruslexxx, Ophelia Dagger and Pleasant Ryan are close behind in terms of my favourite YouTubers. :) Oooh and green tea <3 I maybe have a *slight* obsession at the moment!

    I love these kinds of posts! :)

    1. I love PJ so so much! I've been watching his videos for about 3 years now and I love him a bit more every day. As for Ophelia Dagger, Lex and Pleasant Ryan; I kid you not, they are three of my favourite Youtubers. Ophelia Dagger replied to me on twitter once about Psychic Sally...it made my day. :'D xx

  3. I've been avoiding Anna and the French Kiss just because I'm a bit of a book snob-- I mean, a sophisticated reader - but I have to say, my resolve is crumbling .....

    1. It's definitely worth a read, even if it's not what you usually like. Just because it's YA contemporary romance, it isn't any less of a good book. Chick-lit can be very sophisticated. :) xx

  4. Wait, why you still learning admin and stuffness? WE FINISHED OUR EXAMS YOU SILLY BILLY!

    1. Shhh...this is back-dated...:'D IT'S A SECRET THOUGH XD


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