12 February 2014

Review - Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Wash

 Clean & Clear Oil-Free Deep Action Cream Wash* "Cleans down to the pores for really clear skin."

A couple of months ago, I mixed up my skin-care routine a little bit after a nightmare of a month skin-wise. I had somehow went from having dry skin with the occasional spot, to having sore, red and irritated, oily skin that just wanted to get more and more spotty every day. Even now, I'm not sure what caused it but my skin cleared up nicely after changing my cleanser and moisturiser, and drinking more water. The cleanser I started using was Clean & Clear's Deep Action Cream Wash and - whilst I doubt that it cleared up my skin by itself - I really liked it for the few weeks I was using it.

This cleanser seemed to deeply cleanse my skin whilst still being gentle. It has a kind of menthol scent that hangs around after it's rinsed off and actually makes your face feel cold. I personally love that 'just washed my face with toothpaste' feeling (and my sister did too when she "borrowed" it for a while") but it may not be to everyone's taste. I didn't really have any problems with my skin through the month when I was using this cleanser, apart from the odd spot around my hairline that I can't seem to avoid. 

You can get Clean & Clear's Deep Action Cream Wash for £3.50 from Boots - here.
Lots of love, Cat


  1. I have one like this! It might be the same one... but it is so great!

    1. Oh nice! Clean & Clear have some great cleansers. :) xx


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