2 December 2013

Review - Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion

Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion for sensitive skin* "Oil-fighting formula cleanses effectively and helps prevent spots."

I've never been the biggest Clean & Clear fan - I don't really have problem skin and I prefer to use more natural skin-care products - but there is one C&C product that has made it into my daily routine and has became holy-grail over the past few years. It's their bright blue, deep-cleansing lotion. 

I'd say that calling it a 'lotion' is pushing it a wee bit though as it's like water... Name aside, this is honestly one of my favourite products and I really believe that it does what it says on the bottle. It claims to get rid of the build-up of oil and dirt on your skin, clearing it up and preventing spots and, for me, it does. I've been using this since January 2012 (I bought it the day after my friend's 14th birthday) and I've made it through 3 bottles in that time, the third being sent to me from the lovely people from Clean & Clear. For the first few months of using it I thought it was a little bit too strong for my skin, but I quickly realised that the actual product wasn't that strong at all, but the scent was. I'm used to it now but if you're sensitive to scented products then this may not be the best for you. :)

All you need to do with this is put a bit on a cotton pad and wipe it all-over your face, avoiding your eyes. Seriously, avoid your eyes! I made the mistake of using this as an eye-makeup remover once when I'd ran out of my usual one and it stung like a bitch. :'D It really feels like this product is deeply cleansing your skin but it isn't at all drying - for me, at least. I keep repurchasing this product - I'm actually on my fourth bottle of the stuff now - and I love it just as much as I did when I first used it three years ago. 

You can buy Clean & Clear's Deep Cleansing Lotion for £2.99 from Boots - here.
Lots of love, Cat


  1. Hmm. I've never actually liked Clean & Clear.
    Well, it's not exactly the problem that I've never liked it; more like it's never liked me. Honestly, my sensitive skin is a nightmare when I'm trying to find new skincare products.
    But it's been a few years so I might try it again.
    You never know, it might leave me with my skin this time.


    1. I kind of know what you mean - some Clean & Clear products can be too harsh, especially for sensitive skin. They aren't for everyone. :) xx

  2. I have always had very sensitive skin so have to be careful what I use particularly on my face. Clean & Clear actually gave me more spots than I had before I used it.
    I haven't used it again and I'm not sure I will. Definitely prefer Simple

    Holly xx

    1. I've heard this from quite a few people so it's obvious that Clean & Clear isn't good for sensitive skin in a lot of cases. Everyone's skin is different though. Just stick to what you and your skin loves! ^_^ xx

  3. I've never actually tried clean and clears products before, but they look pretty good! I keep getting loads of spots recently and I have no spot cream which is a disaster! Actually saying that I don't even have any face wash, I just ran out of my 'Good Thing's one!' Do you know if they do a spot cream? :)xx

    1. They do! It's a fast-action spot gel in a grey tube (I think it's part of C&C's Advantage line) and it's actually my favourite spot treatment. ^_^ xx

    2. Ahh, I will have look when I go to boots! Thanks xx

  4. I find Clean&Clear to be too strong for me - I literally feel like it takes a layer off my skin... and makes it feel all tingly. I much prefer gentler products (gentler - funny word - I don't even think it's in the dictionary) :3

    I'm glad you liked this one! Amazing review, Kit-Cat! xD

    1. It's not for everyone I guess. :) Thankies, Rocky! ^_^ xx

  5. Your blog is lovely!!
    I agree with you, I have never liked C&C products except this one, which I love for some reason.

    Come over to my blog :) http://odetobeau.blogspot.co.uk/ it's only been running for about a month but I'd love to know your opinion!!



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