26 December 2013

How Will You Remember Christmas 2013?

I was catching up on some blogs when I came across an amazing post on Charlotte's Web. It really stood out against the other Christmas blog posts I was reading as it told the story of a cat and mouse stand-off, instead of one about new shoes and sparkly nail polish. Don't get me wrong, I love me some new shoes and sparkly nail polish, but this post was just a refreshing change that made me think. At the end, she asked what I would remember about Christmas 2013. For me, Christmas 2013 will always be the year of West Side Story. It's my favourite musical and has been for quite a few years, but 2013 was the year that I finally got to own it on DVD and the year that the soundtrack became a crucial part of my iTunes. Christmas 2013 will also be remembered as the year my friend, Amy, left school to start a hairdressing apprenticeship. She's the first of us to leave school and the first of us to go off to college and, although we won't be in the same building together for 7 hours every day now, I know that nothing will change between us. Despite this, I'll miss her loads. Christmas 2013 will also be remembered as the year of incredibly good food. My mum excelled herself with Christmas dinner this year by making roast potatoes that weren't hollow like previous years and the most amazing gravy in the world, ever. I also went out for a lovely dinner with my friends as a leaving present for Amy and a Christmas celebration. I ate heaven in a burrito. 

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas or just a lovely day in general if you don't celebrate it. How will you remember Christmas 2013? 
Cat xx


  1. This was a great idea for a post, I might consider doing one myself if that's okay with you?
    Christmas for me will be remembered as the Christmas I finally got a Christmas jumper and along with many other reasons, I really enjoyed the celebration this year. And there are still nine days to go!

    Merry Christmas xx

    1. Of course it's okay! ^_^
      Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas (Christmas jumpers are the best part though, right?) :D xx

  2. Love this post! Your dog is super cute too:D
    Hope you had a good Christmas
    Milly xx


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