10 May 2013

Interview With Rachel

Rachel from 'Vanilla Pie' was next to send me her interview! She's lovely and really easy to relate to. I loved reading her answers and got to know her much better. ^_^ I hope you all enjoy the interview! 


1.   If you could live in any TV show - knowing all of the characters, living in the set and experiencing the story-lines - which show would you choose and why?
I’m not really sure, but Doctor Who or Friends would be good. I think Friends because it’s funny and they all (kinda) get along.

2.   Who are your inspirations and idols?
The obvious answer is my Mum. She helps me through everything and is always there for me. Helen Skelton would be an inspiration, because of all the stuff she’s done for charity, tight roping across Battersea PowerStation, canoeing down the amazon river! There are also a few people I admire for they style. Along with Marylin Monroe.

3.   If you were to throw a party with 5 famous people, who would they be and why?
1+2 - J.K Rowling and Jodi Picoult. I think they are both amazing writers! I loved Harry Potter and Between the Lines, so they need to come.
3-    Nina Nesbitt- I love her music
4-    Lana Del Ray- Love her music too
5-    Finally… Cara Delevinge because I love her style.

4.   Would you rather have feet for hands or hands for feet?
That’s creepy, and random!? But hands for feet, because then I can do lot’s of stuff at once!

5.   Describe your style in a few words.
Changing all the time.

6.   If you could be best friends with anyone in the word, who would it be and why?
I actually have know clue! Never really thought about it!

7.   If you were a murderer, what would you call yourself and what would you weapon of choice be? (...creepy, I know...)
Again never really thought about it but something like, Night Shadow or Night Whisper. I’d be really quiet and ninja like :P My weapon maybe a perfume that puts you into a deadly sleep. Now I sound really messed up…

8.   Describe your dream home.
A big/cute cottage by the sea or near a river. In the UK where it’s sunny. Or a little log Cabin in Canada, with cats.

9.   Would you rather have no friends and live in a gorgeous house, or have amazing friends and live in a cardboard box on the street?
I would have friends. I hate being alone, so I would love to be with friends. And hey I might be able to stay at theirs!

10.       Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I’d be 23/24 so visitng all the places I want to go, or at Uni studying something I love with friends.


Don't forget to drop by Rachel's blog here and press lotsa buttons. :3 Also, you still have until Sunday to get your interviews in to lifethroughacatseyes@yahoo.com! Just answer the questions above and send them to me through email. I'll get back to you quickly and you'll see your interview up here a couple of days later.

Lots of love, Cat


  1. YAY! Thanks, for adding my interview x

    1. No problem! Thanks for doing it ^_^ xx


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