16 May 2013

Hello Instagram #3

Left to right:  New phone case, Belle looking adorabubble, study chocolate, lovely white carnations, getting ready to study biology, my fruit obsession, clingy Millie, studying for modern studies, doing my nails, Millie and Belle having a nap together, Belle's nose, taking photos for my wardrobe feature. 

Studying has quite literally taken over my life recently. Seriously, the only time I ever see my friends is at school when I'm in for an exam and I haven't been shopping or been to the cinema for well over a month. Can't wait for the exams to be over! On the plus side, I'm on study leave until mid-June. :D I only have two subjects left to set exams for this year - physics and art - and it's 11 days until my next exam so the next few days are going to be major lazy days. I don't see myself leaving the house or opening a study book until Monday. :P My exams have been going well so far; nothing has been too difficult or world-ending, and I actually finished my modern studies exam which was a huge improvement from my prelim where I did less than half of the paper. So far so good! :D

Thanks again to everyone who sent in their interviews the past couple of weeks. I loved reading everyone's answers and hopefully everyone else enjoyed them too! I might do another interview week in a few months. :)

In case you missed my post about this, I was featured over at 'Life Looks Perfect'! I took some photos of my wardrobe and shoes and the lovely Becki and Jess over there constructed a post. You should definitely go and check it out, here. ^__^

Lots of love, Cat


  1. Ermahgerd your dog is SO FLUFFEH

  2. Ugh studying is taking over my life too right now, it's terrible! But it's worth it in the long run... at least that's what I keep telling myself ^_^ Congrats on the feature!

    1. Yeah, that's pretty much my studying motto. ;D Thanks! xx

  3. Oreo chocolate! Soo good!! I love your phone case, it so pretty! - where did you get it? Your pets are so cute ^_^ love this post xox

    1. Thank you! The phone case is from a seller on eBay. They come in lots of different colours and are only about £3 each including postage. Just search something like 'lace and pearl iPhone 4 case' and you'll find them. ^_^ xx

  4. oreo chocolate.....mmmmmm.... nicest choc I 've EVER had!
    Marian ^_^ x


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