11 May 2017

Be Proud Of Yourself

I'm really hard on myself. Maybe if I write that I'll  make an effort to change it, cos I really should. 

At the beginning of 2017, I started keeping a wee journal and in it I would write my to-do lists, goals, wishlists, and daily achievements. I started writing down the things that I should be proud of myself for, no matter how tiny they were, so I could look back at them when I was feeling crappy and think, "goddam girl, you're doing well". For some reason, I stopped doing it a couple months back. I need to get back into it. Truth is, I spend way too much time beating myself up and not enough time celebrating my achievements and I feel like a lot of you can maybe relate to that. For some reason, it's human-nature to focus on the negatives and whilst looking for ways you can improve yourself is hella important, it's just as important to take a moment to think about all the wee ways your killing it at life. Be proud of yourself! 

Some of the achievements I wrote down at the start of the year were how I cooked for the first time in ages, made banana bread once a week for a few months consistently (need to get back into that one, banana bread is the best), gradually eased myself back into yoga after a long break, met my boyfriend's best friends, and went to my friend's flat party with a load of people I didn't know. I'm still proud of myself for each and every one of those. I haven't written down my achievements since March but now seems like as good a time as any to get back into the habit. So, me. What have ye achieved lately?

There's one pretty big thing that happened recently; I finished my second year of uni. I'm still waiting for a couple grades and I'm terrified of jinxing it but, fingers crossed, I've passed everything. In all honestly, I wasn't sure I'd make it through 2nd year. I got diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome last August and starting back at uni was a massive shock to the system. The first semester was super rocky and I took quite a lot of time off. I got my first ever extension on an essay and for a while, I thought uni might be too much for me. Looking back now, I'm incredibly proud of myself. The second semester got slightly easier and, although I've definitely had some rough spots, I made it through. If that isn't reason to be proud of myself then I don't know what is. 

One thing I know future me will look back on with a mixture of immense pride and sheer panic is a pitch I did last week. Somehow (seriously no clue how I managed it without throwing up on the spot), I pitched an idea for a radio show to industry professionals from the BBC and STV. That genuinely happened. Had to wear a blazer and everything. I'm proud of myself for that. 

On a smaller scale but still something to be super proud of, I've been looking after myself. I've been doing yoga a few times a week for months now (even treated myself to a new yoga mat), drinking more than I ever have before, and I can't remember the last day I didn't manage three meals. Self-care is something to make a priority and if you've managed to make it one, be proud of yourself.

Going super small scale, I went to the doctors by myself for the first time ever a month or so ago. I used to faint every time I stepped foot in the place so, in a weird way, that's the biggest achievement of all. Go me. 

Celebrate the wee things, be proud of yourself, and fill your thoughts with positive vibes and self-assurance. You're doing great, I know it.

Catriona xo


  1. This is a very inspiring post. Thank you Cat. It can be hard to think of anything but the negative things even though I think the positives outnumber them substantially. That's why it's so important to be proud, even of the little things. Thank you for this little reminder and I hope you are proud of who you are and what you've achieved! ^_^

    P.S Banana Bread is life <3

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment, you've made my day ♥

  2. So inspiring, and well done - so proud of you! <3
    I'm a pessimist, and seem to spend life focussing more on the potential bad of something than the good. Right now I'm in a rough patch; waiting to sit my final exams in a couple of weeks and then after that the long wait to find out if I've got into the university I want to be at - which I'm scared I won't get into. Once these exams are over, I need to do this, and focus on the little achievements, because they're equally important as the big ones.

    P.S. Now I want banana bread...

    1. Thank you Holly ♥
      It's so easy to focus on all the things that could go wrong instead of trying to find the good, just takes practice to start getting into that mindset!
      Good luck with your exams - I'm sure you'll smash them! xx


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