1 October 2014

September 2014

Overall, September has been quite a stressful month. I've had to start looking into university, going to open days and dealing with the whole process of UCAS, despite uni application deadlines being in January. It feels like I've just started 6th year and I'm having to think about uni already. I'm just having to keep reminding myself that the future is more exciting than it is scary. 

I kicked off the month with a university open day in Glasgow (full post here). The actual open day was great; the uni was beautiful and it made me feel a bit better about university in general but it was everything else that made the day so wonderful. I've always struggled with public transport but that day, I got the train and the subway and felt pretty damn proud of myself afterwards. It was just a generally lovely day. To top it all off, a lovely reader recognised me at the uni and came to say hello. ^_^

On the 6th, I went to a party for my friend's birthday and had a freaking brilliant time. I messaged Holly when I got home but I couldn't even understand the voice messages when I listened to them back the next day... Who knows what she thought was going on with me. :'D

I had another lovely day in Glasgow when I went on a trip with my Advanced Higher English class. We went up for the Mitchell Library but my teacher had planned it over freshers week so we could pass as students and get free food... We went to the library, a beautiful bookshop called Voltaire & Rousseau (which is seriously amazing) and Kelvingrove, which is easily my favourite art gallery/museum. I love Kelvingrove and have done since I was really little so it was super lovely to go with my English class.

I hope September treated you well! Happy October ♥
Lots of love, Cat


  1. Glad you enjoyed your September.
    Reading about the day when you WhatsApp'd me made me laugh. I didn't have a clue what you were saying, and in response to what I thought of you - at first I thought you were drunk. It was pretty damn funny :)
    Happy October! xx

    1. I'll admit, I was a bit tipsy...:'D xx

  2. Glad you had a good month! School is so pressure-ish (which is not a word but let's go with it). I'm only in fifth year but still they're on and on and on at us about "the future". Every single Friday we have to spend half an hour filling in an 'Independent Research Logbook' about uni choices, grades and what "career" we want. I DON'T KNOW WHAT CAREER I WANT. GEE.

    Obviously you're in sixth year so it's a bit different, and I hope you don't feel too stressed working out your course/uni! I think that we all get fixated on unis but in the end, you'll probably have a great time wherever you go if you make friends and enjoy your course! Good luck xx


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