29 October 2014


"I value people who walk into an image, rather than attempting to replicate another." - Harry Hitchens

I feel like that quote pretty much sums up everything I have to say. I'm inspired by Harry Hitchens on a daily basis and things he's said before run through my head as I do the most mundane tasks, but it's that quote in particular that I really love. Until a couple of months ago, I was struggling to work out who I was and who I wanted to be and now that I think about it, I was putting way too much thought into it. It was only when I heard Harry Hitchens' spoken word "I'm tired of posers", that I realised I'd been over-thinking everything. I'd been having a bit of bother with image and personal style but when I heard him say "I value people who walk into an image, rather than attempting to replicate another", I literally paused the video and just sat and thought about it for a couple of minutes. I'd been doing it wrong. I'd been thinking about who I wanted to be and was trying to manipulate my attitude, style and life in general to suit this image, when I should've just been doing whatever I wanted to do. Image comes naturally and it's the people who simply "walk into an image" that wear it best. For the past couple of months, I've been doing whatever I feel like doing, wearing whatever I feel like wearing and giving no thought whatsoever to 'image'. I'm more than happy to do this because I know it'll come in time and when it does, I won't think twice about it. 

Lots of love, Cat


  1. This is such an interesting post and has really made me think. I know in the past I've tried to be someone else, or done different things, or dressed differently because nobody liked me the way I really was. I feel like I've started to move on from that because I'm starting to realise that I actually like the way I am.
    I've never heard of Harry Hitchens (I live under a rock) but I'm definitely going to look him up xx

    1. I'm so happy it got you thinking and that you're comfortable with who you are ♥

  2. Great post Cat!! :) I enjoyed reading it.


  3. Yeah, overthinking is a pain. People should just do whatever they want to do/or feel like doing in that moment that they want to do it, and not think about the result or what other people will think.

    Great post!!


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