16 August 2014

Letter To 12 Year-Old Catriona

Hello, 12 year-old me.

It's mid-August, only a couple of days to go until you're back at school and I know that you're crapping it right now because you're not going back to school, but starting secondary. I guess not much as changed over the past 5 years because I am also crapping it right now, but instead of being scared about starting secondary school, I'm freaking out about starting the last year of secondary school. Time flies when you're having fun, right? I guess time shouldn't be flying then. Right now, you're probably worrying about the immense crowds, finding your way around a huge new building, making friends, and managing float through school with no drama. I can settle your nerves pretty quickly: 
  1. The crowds are fun: yeah, the halls are busy and people push but you're small so it's actually pretty easy to navigate your way through. Also, elbows are a thing...use them. After spending 5 years in the crowds, you'll stop having any problems with them whatsoever.
  2. The school really isn't that big: you're going to get lost at some point (1st year P.S.E...you're 40 minutes late) but after a fortnight of being there, you'll never get lost again. It may feel massive to start with but after a month, it'll feel as small as primary was. Don't worry.
  3. You'll meet amazing people, fit into a group straight away and make life-long friends who you love more than anything. Seriously; pretty much everyone in 1st year will be feeling the same way as you which makes it a lot easier to make friends than you realise. A few years down the line and you'll still be in that wonderful group that you found in the first few weeks. ♥
  4. I'm about to go into 6th year and I'm yet to get caught up in any major drama. I'm floating through pretty well, actually. :D A little warning: you fall over in the hall in 2nd year and pull a random 5th year boy down with you. Just laugh it off. It's all good. 

Now, 12 year-old Catriona, I feel like I should prepare you for a few thing you're going to encounter. It's too late, of course, but it's the thought that counts, right? :'D 
  • There's a stupid boy in your year with really good hair who is going to make fun of you for about 3 years. Humor him. Yeah, he might get a couple of his annoying friend on board but it all blows over and he turns out to be alright in the end. He's actually pretty damn nice now. 
  • You're going to fall asleep in all of your classes at some point. You'll be watching a documentary in 1st year history and nod off, then another documentary in 2nd year biology which will result in you having a great nap for a good 40 minutes. 4th year modern studies is going to be one year-long sleep after your teacher leaves and you get a replacement (crap, I know). Oh and 5th year admin is really good for sleeping through and you only get caught once so that's pretty great. :D A little heads-up; Mr Smith actually lets you sleep in higher maths because he starts to give up on you. It's usually best to just rest your head in your hands with your hands over your eyes; it's quite comfy and only a few people will notice. You're welcome.
  • A boy sneezes in your face in 4th year and it will go down in history as being the funniest thing Rachel has saw happen to you. Yes, it's freaking disgusting but just attack your face with hand-sanitizer for the rest of the day (or avoid the sneeze...that would be smart).

I know you're not going to listen to this next bit of advice but I might as well try: relax, have fun and don't get so stressed. At the end of the day, it's just school. People are going to be mean because that's what kids do, just brush it off and get on with your life. When you fail a test (4th year modern studies prelim), just take a deep breathe and remind yourself that it's not the end of the world. When you make a prat of yourself, laugh it off. As difficult as it may seem, try not to worry about what people think of you - everyone's too concerned with their own problems and insecurities to care about yours. Remember; the people who mind, don't matter and the people who matter, don't mind. Do what you want, wear what you want, talk to who you want and just focus on getting through school. You're going to be just fine. ♥

Lots of love, 17 year-old Catriona


  1. Really enjoyed reading this, all the points you made are so true (how did you get lost for 40 minutes?!)
    For me, as you know as far as high school goes I've had a foul experience, so I know there would be some very different things if I did this.
    In England we start secondary school aged 11, so I'd like to think that as hard as it would be to hear, that 11 year old Holly - the girl who couldn't be more excited about secondary school - would listen.
    Holly xx

    1. It was my first time going to P.S.E and I had no idea where the hell the class was because we don't have a P.S.E department or P.S.E teachers, we just get a random teacher in a random department. In 1st year, I had a science teacher then in 2nd year, I had an english teacher and it's all very confusing for a 1st year. So, my friend and I wondered around the school for 40 minutes, too scared to ask for help... It was all very embarrassing. :'D
      Most people in Scotland start secondary when they're 11 but my birthday falls during the summer holiday so I had just turned 12 when I started. xx

  2. I absolutely LOVED this post, I found myself laughing by the end of it. You wrote it so perfectly, it was almost as if it had been pulled out of a book or something. Job well done :)

    Amazzable xox

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you! This is one of the nicest comments I've ever received. :') xx

    2. It's just me being honest aha. I wanted to follow you on Instagram but was worried it wasn't the right person, can you find me on there? Mine's @rawramazzable xox

    3. Followed! My Instagram's at the top of the sidebar and in a gadget a bit lower down (it shows my IG photos so you can check that you have the right person) ^_^ xx

  3. I really loved this post it was so sweet and funny! I got lost in my first week of first year and was 40 minutes late to maths, which was probably not the best as they were 50 minute long periods! Really loved this post - you should do more like this! :D x

    1. Periods are 50 minutes long at my school too so my P.S.E teacher wasn't too happy. :'D
      Thank you! xx

  4. Seriously love this post! Dear 1st year Emily, you do not need to carry around every jotter, textbook and folder you own in your ridiculously enormous rucksack just in case you might need it. You won't need it.

    Thanks for this, made me smile and also made some very true points about school! <3


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