21 July 2014

Currently I'm...#9

This time last year, I was practically living in a hammock up North. ♥

The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick. I've been meaning to read it since I saw the film last December but I've had quite a hard time getting hold of the cover I want (the light blue one). Then I found it in Sainsbury's for £3 which is pretty damn awesome. I'm only 6 or so chapters in so far but I'm really enjoying it. For some strange reason, I haven't been reading much the past fortnight...I started off my holidays by reading 5 books in 3 days, then fell into a bit of a slump. It sucks.

University Challenge is back on so I've been obsessing over that but YouTube-wise, it's been all about Mike Falzone and Jackson Perkins. Jackson made this amazing video about his opinions towards personal appearance which I would highly recommend watching. He's a talented one, he is. 

Listening To:
I'll stop talking about Jackson Perkins soon but I've been listening to his music a lot the past week or so. You can download a few of his covers for free off his Bandcamp (you should!) and he has some amazing original stuff on his channel. My favourite cover is probably 'Til Kingdom Come' but his cover of 'Speechless' with Jack Spriggs is great too...you know what? They're all great. Other than Jackson Perkins, I've been listening to Paramore a bit more than normal and I'm listening to Tom Rosenthal as I type. To be honest, I'm usually listening to Tom Rosenthal when I type.

My newest Paramore poster! :D I bought another Paramore poster in HMV yesterday and it's gorgeous. It's the poster based off the artwork for their self-titled album and I'm mildly in love with it. On the down-side, I had to spend 2 hours last night/this morning (1am is technically the morning) re-arranging everything on my walls to fit it in nicely... I might do another post about the stuff on my walls at some point, haha. ^_^ Also, my lovely friend Lucy recently started a new lifestyle blog called 'Lucy The Reader' and it's absolutely gorgeous. Check it out here!

Busking. In case you missed it, you can read the post about my love for busking HERE. Oh, and you can have a look at the older 'Ticked Off The Bucket List' post about busking HERE. :P I know busking isn't for everyone but I seriously love it and would recommend giving it a go if it's at all possible for you. It's a lot of fun and you'll never know if you like it unless you try it. :3

EDIT: 21/07/2014, at 21:53, Jackson Perkins tweeted me, calling me lovely. My life has been made.

Lots of love, Cat


  1. I really hope you enjoy Silver Linings Playbook - it's one of my favourite books and movies, although the book ending is kinda different from the movie one! University Challenge is fantastic. My mum and I always watch it - she gets all the physics answers correct but I got one about Dumbledore correct so who's the real winner here? ;) x

    1. I love the movie and I have high hopes for the book! ^_^
      I get really random questions right on University Challenge... I think my best was 8 one week. :D xx

  2. I love how you're reading Why We Broke Up in that picture, it's such an amazing (soul-destroying) book!

    1. It is pretty great! I think I'll re-read it soon. ^_^ xx


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