26 July 2014

Currently I'm...#10

Like I said in Currently I'm...#9, I've been in a real reading slump recently. Saying that, I finally finished reading The Silver Lining's Playbook by Matthew Quick last night. It was brilliant from start to finish and I would highly recommend it, whether you've seen the film adaptation or not (unless you're offended by strong language because there is a lot of that).

Listening To:
Like I said a couple of posts back, I've been seriously loving Bombay Bicycle Club recently and when I was giving my room a mini re-vamp the other day, I listened to I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose on repeat. I've also kinda rediscovered my love for You Me At Six so I've been listening to them more than normal over the past few days. The main thing I've been listening to since Wednesday is Belle and Sebastian. I know it's been since Wednesday because I had the pleasure of seeing them live that day. In all honesty, I was kinda dragged there by my family but the gig made me realise that I actually like Belle and Sebastian a lot more than I thought I did. :'D It's hard to pick favourites because they've been together since 1996 and have released 8 studio albums, so there are quite a few songs to pick from... Saying that, I'd recommend Piazza New York Catcher, If You Find Yourself Caught In Love, Expectations, The Boy With The Arab Strap and The Wrong Girl. They have a lot of good stuff.

I've been watching the same TV as usual: University Challenge and Catfish on Mondays, and Glee and The Secret Life Of Students on Thursdays. Now, I usually feature a couple of specific YouTube channels in these posts but a few days ago, I was introduced to a YouTube video which beats all other YouTube videos. I won't say much but it's an amazing cover of Call Your Girlfriend, using the beat from the cup song. It's wonderful. I laughed. I cried. It's here.

I never thought I'd see the day where I say that I've been enjoying public transport but here it is...that day has arrived. If you've been here for a while, you'll know that I have a fear of trains (especially train stations) and, until quite recently, I had a fear of buses. I couldn't even think about getting on a bus by myself without freaking out and Rachel will be able to tell you that until a couple of months ago, I couldn't even press the button to get the bus to stop. As for trains, I couldn't think about trains for more than a minute without feeling incredibly anxious and the thought of actually getting on one was terrifying for me. Now, I can say that I've been on 4 trains in the space of 2 weeks and I've been on multiple buses by myself in the past couple of months. I know stuff like that isn't a big deal for a lot of people but I'm pretty proud of myself and I feel like it's real progress. ^_^

Lots of love, Cat


  1. Glad you've found progress with the bus/train/transport situation :)
    I actually went on a bus on my own for the first time this morning. I've never been worried about buses, but have been worried about going on one on my own, but feel so much better now that I have. I've been trying to do things that scare me lately, like yesterday it was going to a new place, Thursday was escelators.
    Belle and Sebastian are really good :) xx

    1. It sounds like you're making amazing progress - well done ^_^ xx

  2. I will look up Sebastian and Belle - I'm always on the look out for new music!

    And I'm glad to hear that you're all aboard the bus (banter and otherwise) - it's great that you've overcome your worry :) xx

    1. Belle and Sebastian are amazing! I've listened to them for most of my life, thanks to my dad. :3
      Aw thank you! I'm really trying to get better at controlling my anxiety, especially when it comes to public transport. xx


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