7 July 2014

2014: 6 Month Summary

2014 got off to a good start with this old blog of mine hitting 300 GFC followers on the 12th of January. I can't quite believe that (over) 300 people actually want to read what I have to say - that's like, triple the amount of people in my year at school. :'D  
Between the 20th and the 4th of February, I struggled through my prelims. Luckily, I got some pretty good results, only failing one subject (maths, naturally)! 
In March, I went go-karting with my friends and ended up throwing the marshal off the side of my cart. He jumped on to help me steer and yeah...he went flying. I may or may not have got the slowest time out of the group.

On the 22nd, I had the best night of my life when I went to see Fall Out Boy and New Politics on the Save Rock & Roll tour. 7 years of Fall Out Boy love had been leading up to it and I wasn't at all disappointed. They were incredible. 
My beautiful puppy turned 2 on the 1st of April. ^_^
On the 5th, I saw Divergent with my friends, only a few months after reading the book. It was pretty damn great to see it brought to life on the big screen.
I studied like my life depended on it all through April and May, thanks to the joy that is Higher exams.

On the 18th of April, I saw McBusted with my friends and again, had an insane time. Busted and McFly were two of my first loves and seeing them live together was so good. 
I took a selfie with a stranger called Jordan.
On the 6th of June, I went to my 5th year prom and had an amazing time. Everyone looked so gorgeous! :')
I started 6th year on the 9th of June and realised that I'm growing up.
In admin, I fell asleep on my desk and woke up to the teacher shouting 'HANNAH, SIT UP PLEASE'. Ehm, my name isn't Hannah.

James Bourne followed me on Twitter.
I bought and fell in love with a silver faux leather bomber jacket.
On the 3rd of June, I finally got on a bus alone and spent a few hours in town before walking home with a peppermint tea from Costa. Seems small but it's good progress as far as my fear of public transport goes. ^_^
The Fault In Our Stars was finally made into a movie. I saw it the night it was released and spent the full time in shock because TFIOS was actually like, playing in front of me.

I bought the coat of my dreams in TK Maxx for £8.
Matt Edmondson tweeted me.
At some point in the year, I discovered my overwhelming adoration for chai lattes.
This might sound lame but, in the past 6 months, I've actually made some new friends. :3
Basically, the first half of the year has been awesome.



  1. I really enjoyed reading this, i'm a nosey parker when it comes to learning about other people's lives, I always enjoy reading about their successes and even how people deal with their problems. When I can work out how to follow you, I will because I definitely think I will enjoy reading your posts in the future.

    A new fan,
    Amy xx


  2. I love how real and awesome your life is! awesome blog!

  3. Wow, you've had a pretty amazing year so far.
    Couldn't agree more about TFiOS. I was just sat in the cinema thinking "This isn't really happening is it?" But it was an incredible film. STILL need to see Divergent at some point.
    Hope the next 6 months are just as great if not better for you! xx

    1. I hope the rest of the year is wonderful for you too! xx

  4. So glad you've had such a good year! Love the photo youve used x

    Lizzie's Corner

    1. Aw thank you! It's actually from 2012 - my hair is way longer now :P xx

  5. Sounds like you've had a great year so far ... jealous about McBusted! :L Lovely post Cat, and congratulations on your many followers :O xx


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