1 May 2014

Ticked Off The Bucket List - Seeing New Politics

Date: 22nd March 2014
Goal: See New Politics in concert
Not my photo - oh sweet Jesus, I wish it was - credit: newpoliticsrock.com

In my last 'Ticked Off The Bucket List' post, I rambled on about my experience of seeing Fall Out Boy in concert in March. They are my all-time favourite band and seeing them live signified major progress with my fear of crowds and new places, as well as literally making one of my dreams come true. That post is just word-vomit and a whole lot of emotion... I mentioned in it that one of the support bands was New Politics who are, in fact, one of my favourite bands.

When I found out that they were supporting Fall Out Boy I squealed a fair bit, listened to Harlem at full volume, then squealed some more. They're a fairly new discovery for me but I love them a lot. A lot, a lot. My twitter has just been New Politics, New Politics, New Politics for a couple of months (sorry!) and my laptop wallpaper and lock-screen, twitter background, and phone lock-screen are all New Politics. Now that I'm typing this, I realise that it may be a little excessive... :'D Their music is incredible and I really look up to them. They've had a hard time getting noticed and their sheer dedication and passion is so inspirational. Like with Fall Out Boy, I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to see them live. ♥

Unfortunately, I only saw about two thirds of their set when they were supporting FOB. We were late leaving the house and dawdled a bit when we got to the Hydro so we got in 10 or so minutes into their set. I remember walking in and just seeing David jumping about like a hyperactive puppy and realising that I was actually about to see New freaking Politics. :'D Their set-list was perfect and they performed amazingly; they seriously have limitless amounts of energy... Unlike with Fall Out Boy, I can actually pick out one specific highlight:

About half-way through the set, David shouted 'GLASGOW, CAN I FALL INTO YOUR ARMS?!'. I knew what was coming (they were going to sing Fall Into These Arms, funnily enough) and I freaked out. Fall Into These Arms is probably my favourite New Politics song and freaking David Boyd had just asked to fall into Glasgow's arms. He stood on the crowd throughout the entire song and it was beautiful. Oh wow... :')

I really hope I get to see New Politics again in the future, hopefully even for their own headline tour. They're wonderful and I can see them being a favourite band of mine for a long time to come. 

Lots of love, Cat

Click HERE to see my last 'Ticked Off The Bucket List' post where I told the story of when I saw my favourite band live. I'll warn you now; it's brain-mush and a lot of fangirling...


  1. I love New Politics!! I'm so jealous of you! my friends saw them supporting Fall Out Boy in Glasgow and they convinced me to listen to them! Ahh they are so good! :D x

    1. That's where I saw them! They're amazing live. :D xx

  2. Sounds like they were amazing to see!
    I'd heard a few of there songs but only really started to really listen to them a lot when you brought them up on twitter, and I've got to admit, they're brilliant :)
    Great post :) xx

    1. They really were!
      I'm so happy you've started listening to them ^_^ xx

  3. I haven't actually heard of New Politics, but I like Fall Out Boy so I'm sure I'll love them! xx


    1. They're incredible! I'd say they have more hip-hop and dance influences than Fall Out Boy but I love them both. :3 xx


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