16 April 2014

Santoro London Mirabelle Range - Review

Santoro London Mirabelle range* - here

The lovely people over at Santoro London recently sent me a range of their products to try out and review! I received a selection of products from their beautiful Mirabelle range and have seriously fallen in love with the designs. Everything is so elegant and ethereal. ♥

The first of the products is the premium journal and pen, featuring the If Only design. This journal is gorgeous! It has the signature 'If Only' design on the cover and comes with a lovely black ball-point pen (it writes really nicely which is a plus) and a bookmark with the same design. It's brilliant quality and actually has three different kinds of paper inside; grid, lined and blank, all in adorable muted pastels. It has 192 pages and the quality more than justifies the reasonable price of £13.99. Love!

Next up is the memo block, featuring the Tell Me Something design. Like with the journal, this memo block is brilliant quality, especially for the price. You get 400 sheets of memo paper, all with an adorable bird design (a tiny bird in the corner and a lovely border), and they come in a little box with the beautiful 'Tell Me Something' design. I actually set it up wrong in the photo (fail...) but it transforms from a little box into a memo-tray. For only £5.99, you really can't pass this up. It's gorgeous and practical. ^_^ 

The third product is the pocket sticky notes and pencil, featuring the If Only design. I was ridiculously excited when I unwrapped these - I really love sticky notes... You get 8 designs of sticky note, with 65 of each, all in high-quality, very pretty paper. They're the perfect size for marking pages in a novel, text-book, magazine or study notes (anything, to be honest), but I think I'll be using them when I'm studying to mark important pages. They come in a little pack with a magnetic fastening and for only £4.99, I think they'll come in very useful. 

Next are the emery boards, featuring the Tell Me Something design. You get 5, high-quality emery boards in a cute pack, and they have actually been printed with the stunning Tell Me Something artwork. They're just emery boards but they're only £3.99, they'll do the job well and are incredibly pretty. ♥

Finally is the ball-point Mirabelle pen. This is fairly self-explanatory - it's a beautiful ball-point pen with black ink, that writes very smoothly and has a gorgeous Mirabelle design. It's pretty good quality and is very nice to write with. For £4.99, I'd say it's a lovely pen. :) 

The parcel came beautifully wrapped - it felt like my birthday as I was unwrapping everything - with a lovely card, featuring the Lost Song artwork. I'd like to say a massive thank-you to Santoro London for the amazing range of products! 

As always, this review was 100% honest and all opinions were my own. You can see my full disclaimer here.  Check out the Santoro website here, they have some absolutely lovely products!

Lots of love, Cat


  1. It's all soooooo pretty! I think I'm just going to go and spend a load of money on their website now :)
    Oh and I've sent the money as we discussed. Watch out for sellotape xx

    1. It really is! I love everything they sell, haha :'D
      Brilliant; I should be sending your book tomorrow. xx

  2. These are all so beautiful! I shall be having a look at the rest of the stuff on their website :) Lovely post xox

    1. I'm sure you'll find something you love! Thanks ^_^ xx


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