22 March 2014

Interview With Lexie From Oh Pink Candyfloss

Today I'm joined by the lovely Lexie from Oh Pink Candyfloss! Her blog is one of my favourites and I've known her for almost 2 years now. She is so sweet and her blog is getting better every day. ^_^ Welcome to Through A Cat's Eyes, Lexie! 

What inspired you to start blogging?
I started blogging in the July of 2012.  At the time, my sister had been telling me to start a blog but I felt reluctant to. I read an article in Shout that you did encouraging more people to start blogging so, I did! I haven't looked back since. 

Do you have any blogging goals for 2014?
I have! One of my main goals is to host a giveaway a some point this year but, I've never won/ been part of a giveaway before so it could be a while before I host one!

Where do you hope to see yourself and your blog in a few years?
I would like to think that I would have established a good name for myself amongst the blogsphere. Hopefully, I would have attended a fashion week by then too, which is something I would love to do.

How would you describe your style?
I would like to think of it as minimal. I love the 90's minimal look and the 90's grunge look at the moment! 

If you could only own 5 items of clothing, what would they be?
If I could only own 5 items of clothing they would be: an Acne jumper, the American Apparel velvet bustier skater dress, my Topshop jeans, Vagabonds and the Chanel executive bag. 

Who is your style icon?
My style icon is definitely Alexa Chung, I love her style! I got given her book for Christmas and it makes really good inspiration. 

Which city would you most like to live in? 

In the future I would love to live in London, it's not too far from where I live now which is good! Other then that, I would love to visit/live in LA, New York, Sydney and Honolulu.  

What are your favourite and least favourite things about blogging?

My favourite thing about blogging is that I'm able to interact with people who like the same things as me, no matter where they are! However I really hate how time consuming it can be, especially when the WiFi's down. 

Do you have any advice for anyone who is thinking about starting a blog? 
Be yourself, it's not worth pretending to be someone your not!  



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