8 August 2013

Becoming Magenta - COTN

Massive apologies for the first photo, it ain't the best...
It's my 16th birthday today so I had my party on the 6th with all of my amazing friends, and as I love all things film and musical related, I decided to make it a themed costume party! It took quite some time to choose who to dress as, but I resorted to my original idea and dressed as the amazing Magenta from Rocky Horror - one of my all-time favourite musicals. Due to me leaving it so late I didn't have time to buy anything for my costume so I just used what I already had and made an apron out of a bit of random fabric. Magenta wears a maid's headpiece but I, yet again, left that too late...Granted, the costume isn't my best work but I'm really happy with the make-up and hair. :D I gave myself 2 hours to get ready but I still found myself rushing. This may be because I took an hour back-combing my hair... I thought I would share with you what make-up I'm wearing and how I did my hair, as a couple of people were commenting on it on Instagram and Twitter. ^_^


I started off my washing and moisturising my face like normal, then I used the Maybelline Fit Me foundation in a light shade all over skin; firstly blending it in with my fingers then blending more in with a flat-topped ELF brush. I then set this with my favourite powder - Rimmel's Stay Matte powder - really piling it on as Magenta's skin should look very powdery and almost dusty. I contoured a little bit with a mix of Natural Collection bronzer and a dark brown eyeshadow from MUA. Magenta doesn't have any colour in her cheeks so I didn't use any blush. :)

The eyes were so fun to do! Magenta doesn't exactly have neat eye makeup so I kinda just smushed lots of eyeliner and shadow into my eyelids and smudged it all about a bit. It turned out exactly how I wanted it, the only problem was taking it off later that night...I started off my using the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On & On Bronze all over the lids, then I packed on a mix of black, grey and brown eyeshadows, all by MUA. I smudged it all out, added more eyeshadow then used the Collection 2000 Gel Liner in black to thicken my lash line and add some definition. I set the liner with some black eyeshadow to make it last longer, then used the Collection 2000 Lasting Finish Kohl Liner in black in my upper and lower waterlines. I never wear eyeliner in my waterline because it's a pain to remove, but this costume really needed it. :P Finally, I curled my eyelashes then piled on my Natural Collection Lash Length mascara. :D

Magenta has bricky-red lipstick on in the musical but I didn't have one that was a perfect match, so I used a slightly more orange-toned lipstick and layered it up to make it richer. The lipstick I used was by Natural Collection but I'm not sure which colour it is as the label is very old, haha. :P I used a red lip liner by MUA underneath it to make it last longer, and after each layer of lipstick I blotted it in with a tissue. It lasted pretty much all night. ^_^


My costume was pretty basic, just a black dress for H&M that I bought in the sale months ago, black tights, black heels (I wasn't wearing them in the photo though as they were ridiculously painful) and a handmade white apron. Not the best but it kinda worked, hehe. ;D


I absolutely loved doing my hair but as I back-combed it I could feel it getting more and more damaged and I could just imagine my hair hating me...All I did was use a little fine-toothed combed and backcombed it in small sections until it was poofy and there were no flat pieces left. I hair-sprayed every section after back-combing then back-combed it some more until it stood upright. I knew it was going to flatten a lot throughout the night to I made it a bit too crazy as I was getting ready. It was much much flatter and less mad when I got the above photos taken. The hairspray I used was by Shockwaves and was the maximum hold, volume one. It's my daily hairspray and I love it. ^_^

That's all for today! I hope you enjoyed this post. :)
Lots of love, Cat

COTN = Costume of the night ^_^


  1. I love Rocky Horror! And your costume looks great by the way. :)
    Holly xx

  2. Happy birthday!!!!xxx your costume is amazing, you're so pretty!!!xxx

    1. Awww thank you so much! You're too kind :') xx

  3. That's such a great costume - you look awesome! No one could tell that your costume was last minute :L

    As for the thing about your hair, I know what you mean ... sometimes if I'm combing it in a rush I can feel it breaking and I'm like I'M SORRY! And in Portugal it was getting salt, chlorine and a wash every day and by the end it was like EMILY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! STAHHHPPP!!!! :L Our poor hair! How it suffers!


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