30 July 2013

Highland Adventure - Day 5 & 6

I've been getting a great response for the Highland Adventure posts so, as promised, here is the final instalment of my holiday in Muir Of Ord. ^_^

Day 5 - Thursday 25th
This was an interesting day...The weather forecast for Thursday was storms and torrential rain so we were very 'sensible' and planned to go shopping in Inverness that day. Our logic was that it would quieter and we would be in and out of shops anyway so it wouldn't matter what the weather was like. Very smart. We drove into the city centre of Inverness, took ages to park because it was mobbed, then walked to the shops. I was pretty disappointed when we were walking through the city as it looked just like a town I live near. Inverness is a nice enough city though and the scenery was lovely, I just expected something a bit different. We spent a little while walking around the city and doing a little bit of shopping then there was a drop of rain. Oh great. The rain built up pretty damn quickly and before we knew it, it was torrential and freezing and blargh. We bought umbrellas in Poundland so my hair stayed dry but I was wearing shorts and a t.shirt so by the time we got back to the car I looked like a drowned rat...I actually love rain so I didn't mind. ^_^ We went back to the lodge and just read and watched films as it was still raining, then played charades at night which was hilarious. :')
You might have guessed that the photos above aren't actually from that day, it was too rainy to take any photos. :P

Day 6 - Friday 26th
Friday was our last full day in Muir Of Ord but it was another rainy day so we ended up having a lazy day in the lodge and getting ready for the next day. We went out for breakfast/lunch (brunch hehe), bought some food in the Co-Op then headed back to the lodge where I pretty much just slept and read until dinner time. It was a nice wind-down day after a busy week and I good way to say goodbye to the lodge. :) For dinner we went to the Priory Hotel in Beauly and had one of the nicest dinners I've had for a long time. It was amazing and I'd definitely recommend eating at the Priory if you're ever near Beauly. ^_^

Sorry about the more boring post today, day 5 and 6 were very lazy days. :P You should check out the other posts for more interesting stuff and recommendations! (here and here
Hope you enjoyed this little mini-series!

Lots of love, Cat


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