28 July 2013

Highland Adventure - Day 1 & 2

A lot has happened since my last post; I somehow managed to fail to tell you that I was going on holiday so I pretty much disappeared for three weeks without any warning. Sorry about that... I have no excuse for my absence between the 10th and the 20th, but after that I went up North to spend a week frolicking in the hills with the sheep and highland cows and even though I took a laptop and had an alright internet connection, I didn't feel like blogging or using the interwebs at all when I was away. Crazy, I know. :P A ridiculous amount of photos were taken during our holiday as my dad is a photography junkie and my sister, mum and I have fun playing around with his cameras and taking a bunch of shots when we're out. I thought it'd be nice to share some of these photos with you, whilst talking about what I got up to in the Highlands and recommending some places to visit if you ever go on a Highland adventure. :D

Day 1 - Sunday 21st
We travelled and arrived Saturday but after a four hour journey we were all too tired to go out and explore, making Sunday our first full day in the Highlands. We stopped off in Dunblaine (Andy Murray's home town) half-way through the journey for lunch and a look around (and to get a photo next to the golden post-box), and arrived at the lodge in Muir Of Ord (10 miles North of Inverness) in the late afternoon. All we really did on Saturday was unpack, settle into the lodge and get dinner from the chippy in the village. I pretty much spent the rest of my time in the hammock that came with the lodge, and if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you'll know about my love for this hammock. :') We were all exhausted on Sunday morning and eventually got up at 11am, got ready and went into Beauly for some breakfast because we had absolutely no food in the lodge. Beauly is a gorgeous little village next to Muir Of Ord with cafes, gift shops, a post office, hair dressers and bakers. We chose a cafe (a little blue one on the corner, near the co-op) and had a lovely breakfast there (musili, yoghurt and berries) before setting off to John O' Groats, aka the top of Scotland. We hadn't done any research, all we knew was that John O' Groats was the village at the very top of the UK and you could literally stand on top of Scotland. It was a three hour drive from where we were staying but it was worth it once we got there (despite it being freezing, misty and very windy) because I was standing at the top of the country. There really wasn't anything there apart from a couple of gift shops, a chip van and a few coffee shops, and the sign leading into John O' Groats said 'The end of the road' which was quite unnerving, but the whole experience was pretty awesome and a great start to our holiday. ^_^

Day 2 - Monday 22nd
We got off to a better start on Monday because we actually got up at a decent time, giving us more time to get ready and plan what we were doing that day. We decided to go to Nairn - a seaside town where my dad used to spend his summers as a kid - then Forres - a small town that's known for its flowers. I thought that Nairn was where the oatcakes were made but apparently not...:( Nairn was only a 20 minute drive away from Muir Of Ord and when we got there we had a look around, went for a walk by the sea then sat on the beach for a while. It was quite a windy day because we were next to the ocean so we didn't spend long on the beach but it was absolutely beautiful. Then we made our way into the main town bit of Nairn and had a look around the shops; there wasn't very much to see but it was nice for my dad to revisit his childhood holiday town. :) After Nairn, we drove for another 20 minutes to Forres and had a look around there too. Forres is a very small town with some shops, cafes and parks, and the town has won awards for their gardens and flowers. It was a pretty town but we didn't spend a lot of time there as it wasn't too impressive. We spent the rest of the day at the lodge, watching films and reading. :)

Day 3 and 4 will be up soon!
Lots of love, Cat


  1. I absolutely love the pictures, they're so pretty. Xxx
    Sounds like you had an amazing time^_^

    1. Thank you! I took the two from John O' Groats and my dad took the other two. ^_^ xx

  2. I really want to go to John O Groats at some point in my life, just the feeling - sorta what you describe - of being at the top of the UK would be a really cool feeling!!
    Aww that's a shame there were no oatcake factories in Nairn! I am pretty certain there is a Nairn's oatcakes factory in an outer part of Edinburgh, so you were headin' the wrong way for oatcakes... :'(

    Your holiday so far has the same pace and feel as one I went on with my grandparents and my sister... reading, chilling and having nice food! It's pretty much my favourite type of holiday to be honest... :D


    1. It's truly amazing, you should definitely take a trip up there! Haha, I might have to go to the Nairn's oatcakes factory then; I love them. :P xx

  3. wow, that sounds like a ton of fun! I hope you have a nice time at the beach :)

    1. I really did! The sand was beautiful. ^_^ xx

  4. Wow! I live in Manchester, and have always wanted to go to Scotland, particularly John O' Groats. This makes me want to go even more
    Holly x

    1. You should! Scotland's wonderful, especially the highlands. :D xx


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