5 May 2013

Interview With Helena

Today's interview is with the wonderful Helena from 'In A Few Nutshells'! Reading her answers made me realise that we have loads in common, especially when it comes to Youtubers. We literally like all  the same people. :D Hopefully you'll enjoy reading the interview as much as I did! ^_^

1. If you could live in any TV show - knowing all of the characters, living in the set and experiencing the story-lines - which show would you choose and why?
I know Ruby already said this but Doctor Who. You can time travel and hang out with Matt Smith. Do I need go on? :) If not that then The Great British Bake Off, because I love it so much!

2. Who are your inspirations and idols?
Louise (SprinkleOfGlitter) because she is so optimistic about life, Alex Day because he's trying to achieve without all the fancy record companies and Bethany Hamilton - A surfer (I've watched Soul Surfer way to many times, ^_^) who had her arm bitten off by a shark but didn't let it put her off her dreams!

3. If you were to throw a party with 5 famous people, who would they be and why?
Louise (SprinkleOfGlitter) because she would make me laugh so much and I need a Youtuber, Daniel Radcliffe because he's Harry Potter, John Green - I don't thinks this needs a explanation, Miranda Hart because we need entertainment and I love her, and Zoe (Zoella) because you can't have Louise without Zoe!

4. Would you rather have feet for hands or hands for feet?
Hands for feet. Then you'd be a monkey and that would be very cool. Plus, toes for fingers? That would be weird.

5. Describe your style in a few words.
A mixed bunch. Anything from hoodies to lace dresses.

6. If you could be best friends with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
My best friends already because I wouldn't swap them for the world! (I've kind of cheated on this question so other than them , probably a you tuber - Louise, Zoe, Dan, Phil, Carrie, Fleur ...... I'll stop here  ^_^)

7. If you were a murderer, what would you call yourself and what would you weapon of choice be? (...creepy, I know...)
Weapon would probably be some kind of poison because even if I were a murderer  I wouldn't want the victims death to be to painful! I don't know what my name would be - something bizarre probably because I am really quite weird ^_^

8. Describe your dream home.
A house in Cornwall, on the beach with a inbuilt bookshop, a really big bedroom with a infinite walk-in wardrobe and my own bathroom.  And a swimming pool. And it would all be decorated by me and it would be filled with pictures and memories on every wall.

9. Would you rather have no friends and live in a gorgeous house, or have amazing friends and live in a cardboard box on the street?
Friends and a box. I don't think I could live without my friends. And I could find a way to make the box bearable.

10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Finished Uni (hopefully) with a reasonable job of which I have no clue, but most of all I hope I am happy.


You all know about my Alex Day obsession...and I am in love with The Great British Bake Off so this interview made me smile a lot. ^_^ 

Make sure you stop by Helena's lovely blog here and show some lurve! Also, you still have a week left to get your interviews in. Just answer the questions above and email me your answers at lifethroughacatseyes@yahoo.com then I'll post your interview on this blog! 

Lots of love, Cat



  1. I LOVE the friends and a cardboard box thing..... "Hey dude, do you wanna hang out at my box tonight??" Lol!
    I shall follow you now Helena :) and thanks for sharing the interview Cat!

    1. Haha, good! I was hoping that the interview questions would be a bit different than the normal ones. :) xx

  2. I love Doctor Who too! Lovely interview :)


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