30 April 2013

Interview With Holly

Today's interview is with the lovely Holly from 'A Daydreamer's Thoughts'! She is a fellow John Green fan and her answers really helped me to get to know her. Hopefully they'll have the same effect on you. ^_^


1. If you could live in any TV show - knowing all of the characters, living in the set and experiencing the story-lines - which show would you choose and why? 
Probably How I Met Your Mother, because I just think the characters (with the exception of womanizing Barney) are lovely, they seem intelligent and the type of people you would love to be friends with. Also they live in New York, an incredibly place that I would love to go to.

2. Who are your inspirations and idols? 
J.K Rowling and John Green, this is essentially because I would love to be an author and I think that their books are so detailed and heart warming, especially The Fault in Our Stars.

3. If you were to throw a party with 5 famous people, who would they be and why? 
Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe (Because they are all from Harry Potter) also Ed Sheeran (I really love ginger hair) and Johnny Depp (well, he is Johnny Depp)

4. Would you rather have feet for hands or hands for feet? 
I would rather have hands for feet because I would be like one of those people who can play the piano and draw with their feet. It would also be really easy to multi task.

5. Describe your style in a few words. 
Quirky, unique, dark colours.

6. If you could be best friends with anyone in the word, who would it be and why? 
It would have to be Emma Watson, but not because she is famous or has been in Harry Potter, but because I have seen her speak many times and agree with many of her opinions and she seems very intelligent.

7. If you were a murderer, what would you call yourself and what would you weapon of choice be? (...creepy, I know...)  
Midnight creeper, I think it sounds quite dark and mysterious. Does a bottle of poison count as a weapon? If not a gun. I don’t really tend to think about this sort of thing.

8. Describe your dream home. 
An old Georgian house in somewhere likes Chelsea, London where they have been painted black and white. It would be not too big and not too small. There would be a reasonably sized garden with a couple of trees. There would be four bedrooms and a library where I could put all of my books.

9. Would you rather have no friends and live in a gorgeous house, or have amazing friends and live in a cardboard box on the street? 
A gorgeous house would be lonely if there was nobody to share it with or nobody to visit it. You cannot put a price on friendship and having friends means a lot to me. Besides maybe one of my friends would let me stay with them.

10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
Well in ten years I will be 24. I see myself with a degree in Creative Writing and hopefully launching my career as an author, if not working for a writer’s magazine or a newspaper. I would like to be in a good relationship. I think that children would be out of the picture still but in twelve years I would hope to be married and have at least one child.
Remember to drop by Holly's blog and show your love! You can visit it by clicking here. Also, if you would like to be interviewed on this blog just have a look at my post here, where I call out to...everyone for interviewees! All you have to do is answer the questions above and email me your answers to lifethroughacatseyes@yahoo.com :) 
Lots of love, Cat


  1. Aww, this was really sweet :3 Loved the Dan and Phil "feet for hands" question.
    Hey, would you be interested in doing a button swap?

    1. Hehe, I was wondering if anyone would notice that I took inspiration from Dan and Phil! ^__^ Just email me at lifethroughacatseyes@yahoo.com and we can arrange a button swap. :) xx

  2. I know it is quite a while since you have posted this but I just wanted to say thank you for posting my interview, it really boosted my blog's viewings. So yes, thanks :)
    Holly xx

    1. No problem at all! It was my pleasure ^_^ xx


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