30 March 2013

Hello Instagram #1

Left to right: My unicorn onesie, re-organised my book cupboard, triple chocolate cookies, locked out of my own home after school, my very first poached egg, Millie looking gorgeous, the world's cutest cupcake, re-designed desk, movie night with a bucket of tea, and my favourite section of my book cupboard. ^_^

Sorry about my lack of blogging recently; I've had a crap-load of homework, prelims and NABs recently so I had to prioritise and leave the interwebs for a while. :( I literally only had Twitter for the past month. O_O 
March was pretty great to be honest: my friend, Beth, turned 16 so she had a party with her friends and her friend's friends. She asked us to dress up and wear heels and stuffs so, naturally, a group of us went in onesies. Her face was priceless. ;D I also set my maths extra-evidence prelim and got 90% in one part, and 98% in the other. >_< The biggest thing that happened to me though (even bigger than making my first poached egg...) was that I took my first train journey since I was 6. It doesn't seem like much but I have a slight fear of public transport and busy places, so getting on a train was a huge achievement for me. ^_^ Two of my amazing friends helped me through it and stopped me freaking out. Thaaaank you Beka and Emily!

Just a little note before I vanish from the blogoverse again: Google Reader is getting ditched in a couple of months and GFC is most probably leaving with it, meaning that you won't be able to follow blogs using the little 'follow' button in the sidebar. I'm not going to rant and moan here because you will definitely leave and never return, but I've gotta say I'm more than a bit annoyed....It took me 6  years to get to 243 followers and although I know it isn't about numbers, I like having a figure to justify the time I spend on the internet. :P Luckily, we have BlogLovin' to follow blogs instead now! You can follow me on BlogLovin' here.

Lots of love, Cat

10 March 2013

Review - Models Own Purple Grey

It's another nail polish review for you today, but it's not actually an Essie one (shock horror!) if you'd believe it; it's a Models Own review! ^_^

I'm very new to Models Own nail polishes, but I was in Boots with my sister a couple of months ago and saw that they had a 'buy one get one half price' offer on, so we got a nail polish each. :) I chose Purple Grey which, as suggested by the name, is a purple-toned grey. I was looking for a slightly more subtle colour that still had some colour to it and was a little but more unusual than the normal greys, beiges and...greiges. It's actually a bit more purple in the photo than it is in real life.  Purple Grey stood out for being a little bit different, and I thought that it would suit my skin-tone better than a brown based colour.

I've worn Purple Grey at least ten times since I bought it, which is pretty amazing considering that I've only had it for a couple of months. I guess that just shows that I love it! ^__^ It applies super easily and is completely opaque with two coats, but you could get away with wearing one coat if you're really careful when putting it on. With a clear base and top coat this nail polish lasts a good 5 days without chipping or fading, but it actually lasts about a week if you're okay with a few chips.

Overall I'm incredibly impressed with Models Own and will be buying more of their nail polishes in the future. :D You can get them in Boots for £5 each and they have offers on quite often so you can get them cheaper. I would actually say that they're just as good as Essie...O__O

Do you have any Models Own nail polishes?
Cat xx

3 March 2013

Literary Dinner Party

I re-organised my book-cupboard a few days ago! I was getting sick of the almost completely random order (scabby books at the bottom, other books in the middle, newest books at the top) so I rearranged it to look like a rainbow. ^__^

The lovely Priscilla from The Readables did the 'Literary Dinner Party Tag' a little while back and unlike most other tags, this one seemed to really suit me and I found myself actually wanting to do it (something that rarely happens). It's basically a tag that lets you plan your dream dinner party, with 10 guests from your favourite books! I took a note of the questions and have spent the past few days mulling over my responses. I finally think I'm ready...so here we go! ;D

1.  One character who likes to cook. 
I'm going to be dead predictable here and say the obvious answer: Mrs Weasley from Harry Potter. I seriously couldn't think of another character who cooks, and since Mrs Weasley is super friendly and bubbly she seemed like the clear choice. 

2.  One character who has money to fund the party.
Most people who have done this tag have chosen Jay Gatsby for this question, probably because the fact that he is very rich and throws elaborate parties is a huge factor in the Great Gatsby. I thought I'd go for something a bit different though and choose someone who seems to be forgotten a lot of the time: Macon Ravenwood, the uncle of Lena Duchannes in Beautiful Creatures. The Ravenwood home is described to be super amazing and fancy, and Macon Ravenwood dresses like royalty; suggesting that he is pretty well off. If I was throwing a literary dinner party I'd want it to be perfect and I think Macon Ravenwood's wealth would help. :P 

3.  One character who might cause a scene.
This was a no-brainer: Margo Roth Spiegelman from Paper Towns, by the hero that is John Green. Paper Towns is my all-time favourite book and although the character of Margo gets on my nerves a little bit, there's no denying the fact that she is a bad-ass and would most definitely cause a scene. ;D

4.  One character who is funny/amusing.
I had no other choices with this one, all I could think about was one amazing character from one absolutely stunning book (and film): Patrick from the Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. Patrick is the most quirky, hilarious and completely lovable character in any book ever and I know that if I was to throw a dinner party, Patrick would definitely have to be there. ^__^

5.  One character who is super social/popular.
This guest was a bit harder to choose...I think it may be because I don't normally like super popular characters. :/ I ended up settling for an adorable character from an amazing John Green book who, although she is popular, is really humble and friendly: Lacey from Paper Towns. Lacey was Margo's best friend in the book but she becomes friends with Q, Ben and Radar later on after a certain event (avoiding spoilers! ;D). She is just lovely and I think she would make the dinner party that little bit sweeter. >__<

6.  One villain.
Easy! I took me a little while to realise just how obvious this answer is: Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter. He is snarky, sarcastic, slightly evil and super sassy. ;D I couldn't really think of any other villain that I'd want to sit down for dinner with, but Draco is lovable despite being pretty damn horrible. ;P

7.  One couple (doesn't have to be romantic).
The decision seriously couldn't be easier for me! I did what I think anyone would do and opted for my OTP (one true pairing): Hazel and Gus from The Fault In Our Stars, another amazing John Green book that I love an awful lot. :') Hazel is such an inspirational character and Gus is just dreamy. No dinner party would be complete without them. ^_^

8.  One hero/heroine.
Another easy choice for me. I haven't finished reading this book but I'm really liking what I've read and I have seen the film. This character is most definitely a hero, even though you would expect him to be villain: R from Warm Bodies. He is just adorable...! R breaks the stereotype for a zombie and turns out to be sweet, caring and just lovely overall. I think I'm slightly in love with him...

9.  One underappreaciated character.
I'm not sure is this character is really underappreaciated but I don't feel like I've ever heard much about him: Brian from Starter For Ten, one of my favourite books and probably my all-time favourite film. Brian is super intelligent but isn't annoying and arrogant about it, he's sweet and caring but not sappy and sickly, and best of all, he's awkward and embarrassing which makes him very true-to-life and easy to relate with. I wish people would realise how awesome Brian is. :D

10.  One character of your own choosing.
This character didn't fit into any of the other categories but I absolutely love her: Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. Luna is by far my favourite Harry Potter character; she's just so sweet and quirky, and her hair is perfection. I needed to include her in my dinner party guest list, so she gets to be my final guest. :)

I hope you enjoyed this tag! Leave a comment with your ideal dinner party guest-list, and feel free to do this tag on your own blog. If you do, leave me a link in the comments so I can drop by and read your post. ^_^

Lots of love, Cat
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